Note-Taking Skills: Resources

BBC – Lectures: marker phrases (Part 5) & other resources

Dartmouth Academic Skills Center: listening & note-taking

McMaster University: various resources, including on  note-taking & levels of questions

The University of British Columbia Learning Commons: “shorthand” examples

The University of Guelph Learning Commons:  (1) example lecture notes, (2) learning from lectures & textbooks, etc. (and [3 ]practice)

Videos: (1) note-taking skills (LISTEN, methods, 5 Rs), (2) Connor’s tips,  (3) deeper processing, (4) TED talk (on listening), (5) TED talk on social media & the news, (5) the box method, (6) mind-mapping

York University: (1) Presentation on note-taking, (2) taking notes when reading, (3)  note-taking, (4) lecture notes brochure 

…If you go to York in the future and find that you enjoy and do well at note-taking and desire to help someone in this way, consider becoming a Volunteer Peer Note Taker.


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